3×3 Dreams of Light, Dark, and Color

Once or twice a week, I like to complete this exercise called a 7×7, where I write exactly 49 sentences by coming up with 7 single-sentence responses to 7 prompts. I wrote more about it on my character sheet.

For this post, I wanted to do a similar maneuver, except this time, I’d like to explore 3 dream vacations for 3 different visual passions of mine:

  1. ethereal light;
  2. dazzling darkness;
  3. and vibrant color.

3 Dreams of Ethereal Lights

Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica’s light show looks gorgeous.

Disneyland parades, although horribly crowded, are also gorgeous displays of ethereal lights, as if Christmas Tree Lane stood up and walked around—treants of lights…

And of course—I want to see the original ethereal lights—on a Northern Lights cruise.

3 Dreams of Dazzling Darkness

My real dream is to see a supermassive black hole through a telescope in the middle of nowhere, but until then, I just dream of the starry sky—in the middle of nowhere…

So the first middle-of-nowhere is Maui.

During our honeymoon, we’re staying in a Maui Airbnb with a window view of a sea of stars. We’re also signed up for a stargazing event at the Hyatt Regency.

After that, I’d like to see dinoflagellates, or stars scattered along the sea…

And the glow worms at New Zealand—I want to return to those dark, magically lit caves.

3 Dreams of Vibrant Color

I’d like to find color in the night sky, maybe by driving to an observatory in a dark part of the the country. Outside the country, though,…I’m more interested in human-made color.

For example, these Colorful streets delight me:

And I’d also love to visit the the Netherlands gardens between March and May… or any of these other top 10 most colorful gardens.