Books I Read on the Journey

One Woman’s Fight to Save the World’s Most Beautiful Bird

Bruce Barcott

THE LAST FLIGHT OF THE SCARLET MACAW had me in a fit of tears till the very end. Something about tropical vacations sparks the Need-Somethin’-Depressing Reader in me; in Hawaii, I devoured THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH. But the thing is, THE LAST FLIGHT OF THE SCARLET MACAW is nonfiction. As much as it reads like a story – with characters you grow to love, a plot that pulls you in, and a setting that takes you under – this is Belize. This shit is happening in South America.

If you’d like to learn more about the degradation of our beautiful world, check out THE LAST FLIGHT OF THE SCARLET MACAW, a perfectly written work for nonfiction readers and plot lovers alike. It’s a great read that’ll take you from one forest to another, before burning your heart to ashes. I picked up an e-book version on my iPad.


Gayle Forman

A girl’s family is torn asunder in a car wreck. Now she has to decide whether she wants to pull out of her coma, or slip into the nothingness to join her family’s journey.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop myself from bawling. On an airplane. 3000 plus kilometers over the ocean.

Mind you, this is embarrassing as hell, and no one likes to have a sniffling wreck in a seat six inches behind them. But don’t get deterred by the emotional roller coaster I’m warning you about: I’d gladly sign up for the experience again. To walk in the shoes of these three-dimensional characters, follow their twists, and feel their universal, human pains is a truly ride for whatever reader dares pick this book up.

Well. I think it’s good for all readers, anyway. There is one hiccup.

The main character uses a lot of musical comparisons, and has a general love for music. I was a flutist in junior high and high school, so I followed it well enough. I’m not sure what the reading would be like for someone with no musical background, though.

A little more research into other reviews would help immensely with this potential bump. While I thought the author did well steeping me into her protagonist, I related with her naturally. So I could have a skewed perception.

Like THE LAST FLIGHT OF THE SCARLET MACAW, I enjoyed IF I STAY as an e-book on my iPad. This book is notably slower to highlight than any others (I’m horribly addicted to highlighting well-written passages), but other than that, it’ll read smoothly on your favorite e-reader. It could just be my iPad acting lame [although I tested highlighting in other books, switching back-and-forth, and it was definitely a slowness unique to this download.]

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