Aquarium of the Pacific

The Long Beach aquarium is another favorite vacation destination of mine. I’ve visited a few times, each time feeling physically exhausted afterward—you do a lot of walking, there’s a lot to see—but the exhaustion feels good, because the fish spiritually lift you, bring you back to the origins of life, in the water, in vibrant color, in the sea.

I especially loved the leafy seahorses last visit… wonder if they’re still there. 😉

I visited the Long Beach Aquarium with my ex a decade ago, but my most recent visit was with my best friend, Ashley—and that was only a mere five years ago or so. 😝 I have childhood memories of the place, too.

I’d love for Chase and I to visit the SoCal aquarium sometime, if for no other reason to hear his compare-contrast with the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Also, they’re hosting an adult prom night on May 3rd for aquarium members. I doubt we’ll be able to afford to attend, but that just shows how cool this place is.

For us Fresnans, it’s an equivalent drive to either aquarium, give or take an hour—just pick west or south. And I’m interested in the “Frogs: Dazzling and Disappearing” exhibit, so why not pick south next time? I adore photographing the frogs at the Fresno Zoo; so I imagine the Aquarium of the Pacific exhibit is spectacular. 🤗

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